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Solomon Dive Adventures has officially moved to Chubikopi.  We’ll be updating this site just as soon as the latest information is gathered.  Stay tuned!!
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After 30 years of owning and operating Dive Makai Charters in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, Lisa Choquette is off on a new adventure in the Solomon Islands.  She has been taking groups of divers to the Solomons since 1990 where she has fallen in love with the country, the diving, and especially the people.   " I have had dive guides in the Solomons from Canada, Switzerland, Lebanon, Germany, the US and Australia.   It bothered me that there were no Solomon Islanders guides.  The reefs belong to the Solomon Islanders.  They should be the ones  sharing their underwater world with visitors.   As I begin this adventure, I have already introduced more than 22 villagers from Peava to SCUBA.   Taking them down and introducing them to their underwater world is one of the more moving experiences I have had in my life".

With all the knowledge she has gained about marine animals and their behaviors in her 30 years of diving in Hawaii, the Solomons and the Galapagos,  Lisa  plans to train  residents of the village of Peava, in Marovo Lagoon  as excellent divemasters in the world-renowned Dive Makai style.  Lisa will guide them in the ownership and operation of their own SCUBA charter business -- sharing the wonders of the southern end of Marovo Lagoon with small groups of visitors.  Visitors can stay at our Vuana Guest House

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